The Story behind Michael

Michael flanked by his twin sisters Bernadette and Georgina

I'm flanked by my twin sisters Bernadette and Georgina, who have so kindly given up their time to help me during the campagin!

I am running as an Independent candidate for the Seat of Lingiari, a place I have called home for the past 15 years. We are home to some of Australia's most internationaly recognized icons, yet our people have been forgotten by the government, ignored by their elected representatives and left behind by the rest of the nation.

To that I say enough is enough, it is time we put OUR FUTURE in OUR HANDS!

"A Fair Go for All"

"A Fair Go for All" is a value Australia prides itself on, however when I was a young adult I became aware of the fact that a fair go is rarely afforded to those who need it most.

My sister was born without the ability to communicate with words, severly limited by intellectual disability. She was placed in the care of an institution who did not care about her worth as a human; she was mistreated , ignored and horrificly abused.

Michael enjoying a coffee with his sister Shelley
An oldie but a goodie...enjoying a cuppa with my dear sister!
I (accompanied by my other sisters) campaigned hard on her behalf, fighting to change unjust laws that allowed her to be robbed of her dignity. After a long, hard-fought battle through the legal system we were succesful, ensuring that no other people would be subjected to the horrors she was.

An Australian Truth

This taught me a valuable truth about Australia. We all deserve a fair go, however we are not all in a position to receive that fair go, or standup for ourselves when we do not receive one. 1981 marks the beginning of my life's work: to stand up and fight for the most marginalized people in society.

This journey has taken me to many remote communites around Australia, Papua New Guinea and also urban communites such as Sydney's Redfern.

I must admit, I have devolped a particular passion for the needs and stories of those living in Australia's remote communities. Years of bipartisan polices have brought a culture of exclusion, inhumane and short-sighted policy impositions from Canberra have caused deep poverty and community disharmony to become the norm throughout far too many remote communities - there is another way!

Solidarity is our Strength

I see so much untapped potential throughout the entire area of Lingiari, a place that can become the pride of the nation.

We need to return our focus to the worth of every person, placing their interests above the interests of corporations.

My vision for Lingiari is one where we encounter each other, celebrate our diversity and unify over our shared human experiences. 2022 sees the entire human race at a crossroads; the challenges we face must be viewed as opportunites to raise each other up.

We can become the pride of the nation and a beacon for others to follow, by centering our focus on empowering all people in our communities so they can become the very best and share all that they have to offer.

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