What I'mfighting for.

From the sweeping deserts of central Australia to the pristine waters of the islands, I am working hard to travel across one of the most sparsely populated regions of Australia, because I am certain that only by listening to all voices can we build a future for all people.

I'm committed to listening to expert advice - that sometimes is the scientist who has spent years reaserching a topic and sometimes it's a person who has lived, real-world experiences of a problem.

My priority is to find sustainable solutions for all the people of Lingiari. From what I have heard and learnt, there are three core issues that I am building my platform on (although I am not limited to just these issues!).

I Believe that:

  • Lingiari can become the safest, most harmonious, affordable, livable, and economically strong place in Australia.
  • Climate Change challenges must be responded to with urgerncy and should be embraced as a chance to create exciting opportunities for the future.
  • We must end the entrenched poverty that far too many Aboriginal people live in; First Nations people hold the keys to all of our futures.

Our Goal for Lingiari: To become the safest, most harmonious, affordable, livable, and economically strong place in Australia

So many of our roads have become unsafe and unusable other years of negligence - this must be corrected for us to move forward safely!
  • Expert quality, innovation and excellence within our services sectors including affordable housing, and advanced health, social, welfare, and communication systems, including disability, aged care and welfare sectors. Everybody requires access to a livable income source if they are to recieve 'a fair go'.
  • Demand quality changes to our education systems. Every child must be educated with excellence and high expectations no matter where they reside.
  • Develop a plethora of training and further educational systems targeted to the needs of Lingiari residents which offer real jobs with real skills.
  • Invest substantially in and build quality roads to enable Territorians and Islanders safe and accessible travel throughout our remote lands greatly enhancing the pastoral, agricultural, mining and tourist industries.
  • Create sustainable mining alternatives ensuring full environmental safeguards including thorough land restoration guarantees at end of use.
  • Produce and refine our own mineral resources to develop sustainable and recyclable products and materials manufactured in Australia.
  • Create, embrace, innovate and support new businesses and technologies.
  • Develop and support an electric vehicle, plant and equipment hub in Lingiari.
  • Welcome and attract people to want to live amongst us, contributing to our societal, cultural and economic growth in a modern, equitable, affordable and sustainable environment.

'No Economy without Ecology': Climate challenges demand urgerncy but represent a chance to create exciting opportunities for the future

  • Invest and embrace in renewables NOW. Fracking is unviable; Fracking throughout the NT alone will increase greenhouse emissions Australia-wide by at least 22%.
  • Let’s build an Australian wide national grid driven by renewable energy sources. The job and training opportunities for the NT would be profound.
  • Become an exporter of renewable energy to the nation and the wider geo-political region, helping our neighbours attaining their climate goals.
  • Fully fund research and development projects toward a clean and sustainable future using renewables with net zero emissions outputs.
  • Fully fund our marine parks for long term protection and sustainability.
  • Big challenges require bigger aims. Net Zero by 2030 is not a choice; we must do this for future generations.
The enviornmental destruction and degradation of health as a byproduct of Fracking has been well documented, yet the major parties continue to drag their heels on investment on safe energy sources.

'No Environmental justice without Aboriginal Justice': We must end the entrenched poverty that far too many Aboriginal people live in; First Nations people hold the keys to all of our futures.

Remote communites have been forced into poverty, as years of disrespect and disinterest have allowed their living conditions to slide dramatically
  • End the endemic poverty crisis NOW. This is a national shame that flys in the face of every value we pride ourselves on having.
  • Fund those directly on the ground to deliver the programs and services desperately required to make a difference with a crime prevention foci.
  • Demand a Royal Commission into Government funding and services delivery abuses and inefficiencies that have failed to ‘Close the Gap’ and ACT on all other related RC’s recommendations as a matter of urgency.
  • Demand a federal ICAC that is retrospective, just and solution driven while bringing back the fair go in tendering processes that are cost effective, sustainable and culturally informed.
  • Processes for Treaties to be prioritised and accelerated to allow true self determination with culturally informed consultation processes paramount. Truth Telling will inform the future and allow Aboriginal people their Voice. Statement from the Heart provides that pathway.
  • End all Racist Policy Paradigms. No Interventions, Indue Card, Police at Bottle Shops. Support justice systems that are fully culturally informed.
Michael Gravener 4 Lingiari Authorised by Michael Gravener Independent for Lingiari, PMB 127, Arlparra Homeland, Utopia NT. Commonwealth resources are not used to fund this website.