How to Vote ForMe

I’m an independent MP and don’t favour any political party. That is why I suggest you vote 1 for me, and then list your preferences however you see fit. It is important that you put a number from 1-9 in each of the boxes.

In the event that neither major party win a majority of seats at the election, I will not do any formal deals and instead decide every issue on its merits, including questions of confidence and supply to any particular party.

What constitutes merit is the sum of many considerations including the views of the community and my conscience.

Any decisions I need to make immediately after the election will be done so as soon as possible.
Michael Gravener 4 Lingiari Authorised by Michael Gravener Independent for Lingiari, PMB 127, Arlparra Homeland, Utopia NT. Commonwealth resources are not used to fund this website.