Alice Springs, NT

Michael Gravener, Independent Candidate for Lingiari, viewed the Declaration today from Alice Springs. He is happy with the process.

 Michael has drawn sixth position on the ballot paper, as one of nine candidates for the House of Representatives.

Both major parties have failed to deliver for the electorate of Lingiari over many years hence this reflects the large number of candidates standing for this division.

Michael adds, " I am standing as an Independent candidate because I care for the Lingiari , the place I have live and worked for fifteen years. We face inequities and divisions that no other states/ Territory endures. I want to see all our people thrive and reach their potentials on a level playing field. Lingiari is a unique, diverse and wonderful place to live but we have been ignored and left behind."

Michael has vast experience and believes he is the best person for the job. It is time to place OUR FUTURE in OUR HANDS.

By living and working for each other, Territorians can show the rest of Australia just how amazing, and unique the Territory is.

Just as he has done for over 40 years Michael Gravener will work with absolute diligence and integrity

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